Remote Support for Windows / Linux via Secure VPN

At Privacy One we understand that distance can sometimes get in the way of resolving your computer issues. Whether it’s a current global crisis getting in the way or just that you happen to be in a remote location, these things can seem like a big hurdle. The great news is that we have solutions! In fact, you’re just a few clicks away from accessing our ‘remote support’ help desk, available from anywhere in the world. By simply purchasing one of our “support” packages, we’ll guide you step by step on how to securely connect to one of our IT professionals and have your system back in good order, with as little downtime as possible. Enquire now!

Security checkup for your business or home system

Are you looking for a qualified engineer to check over the security of your business, home system or just do a complete overhaul? Enquire now for a quote via our contact page, we have a solution for you. The truth is, most small businesses are not prepared, nor do they have the systems in place for even a small scale cyber attack by organised criminals. These organised cyber criminals target small businesses, knowing these weaknesses exist and can leak passwords, banking details, digital profiles, business sales data, personal photos, everything, directly for sale on the dark web. This is very dangerous if left unchecked and can lead to major financial downfall later on. The good news is that all your hard work need not be in vain! At Privacy One, we have effective solutions for you and your business, to bring you safely into 2023 and beyond. Enquire now for a security checkup!

Windows repair and optimisation

Is your Windows PC running slow or just not performing how you think it should? Never fear! With 25+ years experience in computer science, our Privacy One technician has the skills and know how to (A) analyse, diagnose and repair the root cause(s) of the problem (B) optimise your machine down to driver level (C) Install the most effective anti-malware and anti-virus available (D) Advise the best path to keep your PC in tip top condition for the future. Book your PC consultation today, you’ll be glad you did. Enquire now!

Privacy focused, custom laptops & desktop builds

We can fully customise your existing hardware, laptop or desktop PC, with the latest and most secure distribution of Linux. We’ll also setup and lock it down using decentralised DOH (DNS over HTTPS / secure browsing, which prevents ISP from even seeing your URL searches), firewall, E2EE notes, calendar and password manager. Whether it’s a super secure Qubes OS or Linux Gnome desktop with a Virtual Machine running Windows or Mac OS, we’ve got you covered for privacy, security and flexibility. You’ll be amazed at how much performance, stability and speed you’ll also gain on your existing machine with the superior memory handling of Linux. Plus, you’ll gain access to a plethora of quality, amazing open source programs, all for free. Enquire now!

Data Recovery

Have you lost your data? We can help retrieve your precious files and memories. Whether it’s a laptop or a desktop PC, Privacy One has you covered. We advise you not to try to fix the issue yourself as this can easily lead to complete loss of your data, due to corruption of the partition table(s). Please get in contact with us and we can advise the best course of action for you, to get you up and running again with the least amount of downtime. Enquire now!

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